Mumbai Summer Open 2014

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This competition is something we have worked hard upon and we would like to thank our sponsors who have helped us in every way possible to materialize our brainchild that is Mumbai Summer Open. We would like to thank: 

Speed Cubing Mumbai Unlimited - India's one-stop-shop for all your cubing needs! They organise the biggest competition in India every year in Mumbai and run the store at an almost zero-profit rate. Their help as proven to be a boon for us and we would love it you could check them out at!

Another Sponsor we really want to thank is Creative Express, Headed by Ms. Priya Saxena, Creative Express has not only been a support for this event but also for the whole cubing scene in Mumbai by holding multiple workshops and sponsoring competitions. Check them out at ! They hold workshops for Art, Self Defense and other activities, and showcase the creative work of children.